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Phone: 3905 0202

Managing e-shops with ease by using our professional logistics solutions

With the help of Chill’s one-stop e-shop logistics solutions, not only saves time on the last mile delivery but also enables you to focus on developing and expanding your businesses.


Our fast and reliable team would cover the whole logistics processes for you, from picking up goods to out-for-delivering. We promise to have the package delivered as soon as the next day. We also provide various ways of packaging to suit the requirements of different shopping platforms such as HKTVmall / big big shop, which greatly improves the whole delivery efficiency.


Whether you want to focus on increasing sales or need more me time, Chill is definitely your reliable partner in e-shop logistics!


Features of service

Closing a Box
Man Carrying a Box

Accurate picking, packaging and deliver service

Whether customers place orders through your e-shop, HKTVmall or any other online platforms, we can pack and deliver the parcel within the agreed time. Chill has a variety of wrapping materials for packaging for our customers to choose from. Custom packaging service is also available to increase the visibility of your brand.

Collect and dispatching at will, deliver on the next day

We will arrange parcel pick-up, warehousing and safety checking once we have received your instructions. Whenever you receive a new order, we will arrange delivery as soon as the next day. While your customer is happy with the delivery, you can stay home chilling and spend more time on developing your business.




Parcel Pick-up

Movers Carrying Packages


Parcel Inspection

Worker Lifting Cardboard Box






Parcel packaging

Closing a Box



Arrange courier/delivery

Shipping Boxes



Inventory management

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